How I Define Me

  • Family guy with three kids
  • Lucky guy who married the first girl he kissed (I’m lucky, jury’s still out on her)
  • Lifelong Seattlite who can’t admit that Sammamish isn’t Seattle (#CognitiveDissonanceisGood)
  • Avid reader, semi-avid writer,
  • Self-confessed geek who wishes he didn’t give up programming in high school (There wasn’t much future in TRS-80s)
  • Retired, worse-than-amateur soccer player
  • Born Again Christian who keeps screwing up
  • Introvert who poses as an extrovert at work and in social situations (#CognitiveDissonanceisSTILLGood)

Where I can be found

  • Facebook:  If I know you, I’ll accept your request.  I tried the whole minimalist, cut back to 100 close friends…It isn’t me.
  • Twitter: I’m experimenting here.  I’d like to try more, but I hang more on FB.
  • Goodreads:  Just getting started here, but I read a lot.  For me, this is more a catalog of what I read than me using the full functionality.
  • Linkedin:  Always looking to help others

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